The Story

The Story

Why create art?

Creativity gives life to those who express it as well as to those who enjoy the outcome of that expression. This is why I do it. Whether working one of my own designs or a commissioned sculpture interpreting a child’s drawing for a family, great joy and reflection are inevitable.

Metal & Stone

Metal is a medium of limitless possibilities. It is brilliant, reflective, colorful, yet is always susceptible to the earths oxidizing elements. It has a stubborn will and strong memory but can be momentarily tamed and made to be malleable with heat and force, allowing it to take on a new form and memory. It can be light, colorful, and delicate, or heavy, grounded and massive. Metal is always waiting to reach its potential- It just needs to be led there.

Stone demands reverence. It is tough yet fragile, cold though warms to the touch. Stone always has something to reveal as the form emerges- its coloration hidden behind the thin, reflective surface; its flowing grain; its density and mass; its many secret fissures and scars. The variables are limitless and often unpredictable. The challenge is to create a successful relationship between the chosen stone and imagined form... without breaking it.

Mark Kachlein